Inspire Projects - At a glance

We aim to provide women in tribal settlements with machinery in order to produce their own hygenic sanitary products.

With limited or no access to clean sanitary wear, these women are at high risk of developing menstruation-related diseases, and also have a higher risk of maternal mortality during childbirth. Project Inspire aims to change this, therefore improving health and also increasing awareness of menstrual hygiene in tribal schools.


Our beneficiaries

Yearoutindia are a non-profit organisation, aiming to facilitate the development of communities and wildlife throughout southern India.

The implementation of Project Inspire was decided with full consent and consensus of the community. The girls and women who require hygienic sanitary wear will be the primary beneficiaries of Project Inspire. As a result of improved menstrual health and awareness, we hope to also benefit the rest of the community with education about menstrual health and its importance.