The need for Project Inspire

The creation of Project Inspire came from research carried out by Yearoutindia in Avala Girls School, in Alleppey, Kerala, where a high level of absenteeism was recorded due to lack of toilet facilities and lack of awareness amongst the girls about puberty. This high level of absence had a demonstrable impact on the girls’ education, so the initial project addressed this by building a new toilet block for older girl students (12-16 years old) equipped with clean wash areas and a sanitary towel disposal unit.

The focus then shifted to the issue regarding the lack of availability of sanitary products, and the social barriers surrounding menstruation which caused women and girls to suffer in silence as a matter of habit. Due to the sourcing of raw materials, labour costs, and the implementation of installing equipment to produce sanitary wear in the tribal settlements of Kerala, an initiative where the project could be launched within a UK university setting was put in place.

St Andrews University

St Andrews University was the perfect candidate to receive the project. Diversity and multiculturalism thrives within a small and friendly student community, and this matched with hardworking and innovative thinkers provides Project Inspire with the opportunity to fundraise and change thousands of lives for the better.


To ensure the success of the project, it is key that the sanitary towel manufacturing process is sustainable. The breakdowns of our aims for sustainability are highlighted below.

  • The demand for the products will be continuous throughout the year, due to different women having different menstrual cycles, therefore the machines must work properly for 365 days a year.
  • For the manual machine, this requires constant availability of raw materials. It is also required that the machine is well maintained, and people are available to operate it.
  • For the semi-automatic machine, a sustainable power source is needed, which would be suitable to the climate of the Western Ghat Mountains.